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wow, man, this is a masterpiece! Just, I feel like soundtrack dosen't fit the game... Maybe without singing.. Because this is an underwater game. Tutorial when starting a game would be nice, I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to shoot a special attack and figuring out which are my team mates and which are not. As this game rises, you should publish it on Play store so more people find out about it, I also saw your other games. Also, when the game shows leader board, I don't know which is mine that can be fixed by just simply doing "you ->" before showing stats. This game is fun, solid 7/10 (could be a lot better, I will write another one of these when multiplayer comes out). Will recommend it to my friends! Keep up the good work!


Wow, man, thanks for this comment. I was struggling to find ideas for a new game that resembles this concept but you’ve just motivated me to simply remake this one from scratch. Because I uploaded it a long time ago and the code base is an absolute mess. Good points there. I’ll seriously take them into consideration ;) Just by curiosity, on which platform did you play it ?

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Yeah, I tried editing the code you posted on GitHub, but sound didn't work for some reason it showed a lot of errors. The game design looks very cool. I would love to see another one of these games with actual submarine sprites instead of just shapes. I played on Linux (Mint), and on Android phone. Just want to say, this is a very unique concept for a submarine game. I saw there is a little graph in the corner that shows depth, maybe that can be used so ai can't see you when you are deep and it is higher. Good luck if you decide to rework this game. ;)